• Staycations

    When we wrote our 2020 New Year’s Resolutions, most of us were spending time with family – near and far – for the holidays. My …
  • Are You Eligible for the Warm Home Discount 2020-21?

    What is the Warm Home Discount? The Warm Home Discount is a scheme providing eligible households with a £140 electricity bill discount for winter 2020-21. This …
  • Choose to Refuse

    Having completed two Plastic Free July challenges previously, I started this month with an understanding of what works for me as an individual and what …

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The Environment Centre (tEC) offers advice about a range of matters for individuals, communities and businesses. Click on a link to find out more: Because some of the information in our advice pages is only relevant for those who own their homes, we have produced an additional advice page specifically for those who are renting. See our Advice for tenants page for more information.

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