Southampton Healthy Homes: Rose’s story

tEC image_boiler ratingRose’s granddaughter was the first one to make contact with us via our Facebook page. She explained that her grandmother Rose’s boiler had broken down and they had previously tried to access boiler grants but were told it would still cost £1500 which was not affordable to Rose as she only receives a small pension topped up by pension credit.

After trying unsuccessfully to access grants from the energy companies Rose had given up trying to get help thinking that she would always have the broken boiler. Rose used a couple of halogen heaters to try and keep warm but this did little to take the chill off during cold weather. The Southampton Healthy Homes Advisors went out to visit Rose at home and discovered she had been without heating and hot water for 18 months.

Through Southampton Healthy Homes (SHH) we were able to install a brand new fully funded energy efficient condensing boiler providing Rose with heating and hot water again. Rose explained,

“I was without heating for about a year and a half after my boiler broke down. When the Advisors came out from SHH I never thought they would be able to help. I had been let down by the energy companies who could not help and then when SHH got involved everything happened so quickly.”

Rose was overjoyed when the new boiler went in; she suffers with depression and arthritis and explained she had been feeling much better in herself since getting the new boiler. Rose told us,

“I felt a miracle had happened having my heating back. I have a condition affecting my joints and the cold made it worse, now I have the heating back I feel much better. I know I’m 76 but I felt 106 when the house was so cold, as I was stiff with cold”

Rose’s granddaughter was also really pleased with the help from Southampton Healthy Homes and said,

“You’re all amazing! I am so glad I found your company through Facebook. We tried many other places to get funding for my nans broken boiler and nobody could help. She was without heating for a few years. Thanks to you she can now live comfortably with heating.”

If you would like to find out more about the Southampton Healthy Homes project, see our website or call the Environment Centre (tEC) on Freephone 0800 804 8601 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) and email