Southampton Healthy Homes: Christopher’s Story

tEC image_wireless thermostat_SHHChristopher called us after receiving a letter from us about the first-time central heating grant. They were interested in having central heating installed as the home was only being heated by one gas fire and the hot water was heated by an electric immersion heater. Due to Christopher’s health he was not able to work so the household were not able to afford to install central heating.

A Southampton Healthy Homes advisor visited to fill in the grant application form, along with one of tEC’s Domestic Energy Assessors, so an EPC was produced for the property. The EPC recommended replacing the current gas fire with a condensing boiler and central heating system.

The household was awarded funding from the government’s first-time central heating grant and from Southampton Healthy Homes. Along with a contribution from themselves, this meant they could have the central heating installed in their home for the first time.

The new heating system in their home also had a wireless programmer and thermostat so this could be moved from room to room to allow them to be able to control the heating system from the room they were in. In addition to the new heating system and general energy advice, our advisors were also able to refer Christopher to Citizens Advice Southampton for consumer advice.

The central heating changed the energy rating of their home from a F35 to a C74, reducing the estimated annual energy costs of the home (as shown on the EPC) from £1,532 to £599.

“Everything was very quick and painless – someone comes to your house and explains everything and advises on the best and most efficient way to heat your home. They even gave a list of reputable firms to get quotes from, and they were very good. It made a huge difference to us as we wouldn’t have been able to pay for a full gas central heating system at this time without them.”

If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please call the Environment Centre (tEC) on Freephone 0800 804 8601 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) or email to speak to an advisor.