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The SAVE Project – A community-based research programme



The SAVE Project will provide a dedicated resource person – Community Coach – and associated funding to support positive improvements in local quality of life for two communities within and around the Solent area.

The aim will be to help make each community more sustainable – whether that be environmentally, socially or economically.

Within each selected ‘trial’ community, local residents and organisations will be able to draw on the resources of the SAVE Project over a continuous two year period to help identify the priorities for change and improvement that they would most like to see.

The project will then support the community to achieve its chosen objectives as part of a dedicated local strategy.

SAVE is actively supported by key local agencies including the local council, public utilities (electricity, gas, water), universities, social landlords, business and environmental groups.  It is envisaged that these agencies will partner with the community in helping to deliver the community’s agreed strategy over the two year period.



The SAVE Project is funded by Ofgem, the energy industry regulator.

As well as supporting the trial communities to achieve their individual objectives, it is hoped that the Project will also offer opportunities for researching how service agencies and communities can work collaboratively to achieve positive change in energy consumption through energy efficiency measures.

In particular, the Project will look closely at the opportunities for reducing energy consumption, especially peak electricity demand.  The lessons learned will allow good practice to be shared through Ofgem with all electricity network operators across the UK.

An understanding of how to manage peak demand will assist network engineers in making optimum decisions about how and when to invest in upgrading the power distribution system – and in the process, minimise disruption for communities affected.  This will be particularly relevant in areas where the existing network is operating at or near capacity,

It is envisaged that any research work along these lines will run alongside efforts to deliver the community’s own distinctive strategy.  The collaborative work between service agencies and the community will ideally provide a framework within which the energy efficiency research can be managed most effectively.



If you would like to find out more about the SAVE project in Southampton, please contact the project officer Zaki Mahfoud based at the Environment Centre (tEC), either by email: or by phone: 02380 336172.

If you would like to speak to the SAVE project manager, please contact SSEPD by email:

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