Sustainable Drainage Systems

Sustainable Drainage Exercise

Brief: A new development of 35 dwellings and associated public open space is proposed and the surface water is to be managed sustainably. The surface water is to be discharged to a local watercourse that has been indicated on the plan. The site generally falls from north to south towards the watercourse. The site has some limited infiltration capability and there are no know issues with contamination.

Design a sustainable drainage scheme for the site.

Please read the task sheet below, then sketch designs on the plan provided (below), also think about which organisations and persons should be involved in the decision making process and when.
SuDS-Design-Exercise-2011-01-12.pdf (512 downloads)
SUDS-excercise-layout-without.pdf (518 downloads)
SUDS-excercise-layout-with.pdf (500 downloads)
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