Examples – Techniques and Standards

Sustainable Drainage
Paul Stewart (Associate, Mayer Brown Limited), gives an introduction to Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) and the legislation surrounding SuDS development. View video

View Cambridge City Council's SuDS Design and Adoption Guide, with accompanying explanation from Simon Bunn (Sustainable Drainage Engineer, Cambridge City Council). Watch video

An introduction to Biodiversity Issues - Ian Barker, Ecologist, New Forest National Parks Authority View a video and PowerPoint presentation of Ian's talk.

Peter Warm, WARM low energy building practice: Certifying to Passivhaus in the UK – tips and tricks. Steve Charter, SC2 Sustainability Consultancy: Why is Passivhaus important?

Peter Warm explains the common pitfalls that can be made during the construction of Passivhaus including the need to design out difficult features to make construction easier. He explains that attention to detail is necessary as the effect of insulation can easily be ruined if it is not installed correctly.

Steve Charter explains the significance of Passivhaus, with reference to changes in building regulations and standards and market changes. He also gives illustrated examples of the specialist skills and techniques necessary for Passivhaus construction. View Peter Warm video View Steve Charter video