Telos ToDo & PPP Scan

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The ToDo method and PPP scan have been developed by Telos Institute, part of the University of Tilburg. They are methods for stakeholder engagement in order to assess the sustainability of a proposed development (a ‘ToDo’ Assessment for Sustainable Development). The assessment framework consists of about 20 questions, divided into People, Profit and Planet (the three pillars of sustainability). These 20 questions are set out in a quick scan, called the PPP scan.

In the accompanying video, John Dagevos of Telos explains the theoretical basis of the ToDo method and PPP scan. The definition of sustainability of the Brundtland Commission is at the root of this. Click to view the Telos website.

The second video focuses on the ToDo method and how it is translated into a quick scan, called the PPP scan. The PPP is a scan tool (undertaken prior to investment), in order to assess the views of stakeholders about the sustainability of a development. View video or go to PPP scan website.

The PPP scan was used to assess a development in Aviolanda, Holland. The Aviolanda project commenced in 2007 and focuses on the redevelopment of a rural industrial site. Sustainability was key to the redevelopment, which aims to create a more sustainable industrial site and improved area. The Telos ToDo model was used in a mutual gains approach. View this video and presentation to hear how this took place and what results it has yielded.

This last block shows the situations in which the PPP-scan can provide added value and under what conditions this method is applicable. Click to view video.

User-Manual-PPP-scan.pdf (495 downloads)