Training Module 1: Sustainable Planning

This training module describes the sustainable planning and decision making processes and tries to define a common approach. It is not a scientific approach, but based primarily on the practical expertise, the daily work, of many people working in the field. The module is intended as an introduction to some approaches, processes and principles currently used in partner regions to encourage the uptake of sustainable planning and construction in area development.

The module discusses the main components of sustainable planning and decision-making. The structure is as follows:
  • Section A: outlines various sustainability models, showing their applicability and value.
  • Section B: discusses a method for engaging stakeholders in a structured manner, using the Mutual Gains Approach (MGA). This section also introduces the 'golden rules of procedure' that partners encountered in the project.

Each aspect of the training has three levels of information:
  • Introductions and the effects of specific topics. Sometimes these introductions include links to further information on other sites.
  • Content of the topic comprising video clips, sound bites, powerpoint presentations, background information, examples and web steams with extensive video footage.
  • Self assessments - questions are related to the section of the module in which they appear. The answers are found in a separate file, which are available for download.
There is also a video presentation from a speaker in the UK on how good quality carbon reduction schemes can be achieved through the UK planning process.
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