Online Training Modules

Overview of the training modules
A central aim of the SISCo project was knowledge exchange between partners and the target audience. This was carried out through meetings and seminars, and through presenting key learnings in online training modules. These modules provide an overview of the discussion in text and video.

The online training modules form a central part of communicating the project’s key themes to a wider audience. From the numerous training sessions over the duration of the project, project partners drew out particularly useful information and fundamental themes of the project, from which it was felt that the audience would benefit most. The partnership took a holistic, cross-border approach to creating the modules, bringing together content and materials from different training sessions in different countries. Hosting the most useful and relevant content of the training in the cross-border area online provides the opportunity to access a much wider audience, thus disseminating project learnings and results further.

Training Module 1: Sustainable Planning
During the project there were many discussions among experts about the differences and similarities between the Dutch, Belgian and British sustainable planning and decision-making processes. This module describes differences and similarities, and refers to examples from the different regions. It is not a scientific approach, but based on the experiences from the daily practice of decision making, often in the form of presentations of people who practice.

Training Module 2: Sustainable Construction
This training module on sustainable construction offers the opportunity to learn about sustainable building and specific construction techniques as well as building standards and sustainability assessment models.
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