The Low or Zero Carbon Energy Source Report 4 (2005)

This is the final Technical Research Report of a project commissioned by the then Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, aimed at developing “suitable performance standards and guidance for the installation of low or zero carbon energy (LZC) sources in buildings.” It researches the growing use of energy sources such as wind, PV and micro CHP and identifies the need for performance standards and guidance on their use consistent with the Building Regulations.

Its stated objectives are:
  • To identify existing published standards for low or zero carbon energy sources in use in buildings
  • To assess the available performance standards and installation guidance and identify any gaps
  • To prepare suitable guidance on performance standards and installation practice for inclusion in Approved Document L (ADL).
  • To respond to Article 5 in the EPB Directive to ensure that the feasibility of low or zero carbon technologies is properly reviewed in the design process.
The report addresses the following issues:
  • A proposal for the way in which low and zero carbon energy sources could be referenced/included in ADL.
  • A confirmation of the LZC energy sources to be considered under the building regulations.
  • A review of the potential for different LZC energy supplies to contribute towards carbon emissions reduction.
  • A review of the cost effectiveness of different LZC energy sources.
  • A proposal for ‘reasonable provision’ clauses for certain LZC energy sources and associated technologies.
  • A proposal for measures to prepare buildings for the future introduction of LZC technologies to make them ‘Renewable Ready’
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