Westergate House, Brighton

The Westergate Business Centre was jointly funded by SEEDA and East Brighton For You; the contractors were Benson Ltd. The centre provides 20,900 sq ft of light industrial space and up to 90 job opportunities, these increased employment opportunities adding to the economic benefits that the development brings to the area.

Passive Measures
The incorporation of ‘green walls’ has provided additional wildlife habitats, allowing nature to co-exist with the urban landscape enhance the local environment. This building shows that wildlife can be supported in urban locations. Carbon dioxide emissions were monitored during the construction phase of the building, and these were subsequently offset by tree-planting. The overall aim was for a carbon neutral construction.

Locally sourced materials have been used in order to maintain the character of the area and support the local economy. Here they used sweet chestnut timber cladding and clay bricks from East Sussex. Employees have been given sustainability training in an attempt to promote public transport and waste minimisation.

Technologies Employed
Maximising resource efficiency and reducing energy use keeps the operational costs of the building low. To achieve this low energy lighting was used, insulation exceeding the required standard was installed and water use is minimised by low flush toilets and spray taps.

Producing some of the energy required by the building through renewable energy technology increases the sustainability of a development, as reliance on traditional energy types (such as mains gas) is lessened. This project includes use of solar panel heated water, geothermal heating and a wind turbine. The wind turbine can generate 6kW of energy, which covers lighting.

Awards and Achievements The Westergate Business Centre has been awarded an ‘excellent’ BREEAM rating, marking it as a sustainable development.
Page last updated: 20 August 2010
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