Farnborough Business Park

Slough Estates/SEGRO are currently developing a new Business Park in Farnborough as part of a comprehensive reworking of a 126 acre site. When completed it will include 22 office blocks, retail and leisure units; 500 new homes are also being provided. SEGRO are aiming for a BREEAM Excellent rating for all new buildings on the development.

Carillion was the main contractor for the first phase which included a number of on-site waste management initiatives; they are continuing to construct subsequent phases of the project.

Challenges Encountered
The site is historically significant to the aviation industry. During its construction a number of listed buildings were preserved and renovated. Over 100 buildings were demolished during Phase 1 of the development along with the construction of site infrastructure and two commercial buildings. The construction of Phase 2 started in 2005.

Passive Measures
Initiatives for addressing waste issues were considered during the planning stage and included:
  • Introducing auditing to monitor resource use through industry software. The BRE SMARTstartTM tool was used which enables all contractors involved to consider waste reduction measures where applicable.
  • Establishing an Environmental Liaison Committee to ensure commitment to environmental management best practice principles.
  • Once on site the following initiatives were pursued:
  • Materials from demolition of on-site buildings were retained on site and re-used for raising the levels of development plots.
  • Unsuitable brick and concrete from demolition were recycled in plants where they were screened and compacted on site.
  • Soil and concrete excavated during infrastructure works were re-used. Soil was re-used in site landscaping and concrete was stockpiled for crushing and re-used on site.
  • A local waste management company was hired to provide skips for waste generated on site. Once full with the main materials types the skips were collected for recycling.
Page last updated: 20 August 2010
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