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The Innovation Park at the Building Research Establishment near Watford is a demonstration development designed to give a glimpse of how the future delivery of sustainable buildings and communities can be achieved not only in the UK but around the world.

It features seven of the world’s most sustainable houses, a health centre of the future and over 300 different construction innovations and emerging technologies as well as a state of the art community landscape design.

The buildings and key features on the Park include:

Visitors’ Centre
Provides convenient access to full information on all of the buildings and products on the Innovation Park, while also showcasing a range of new designs and technologies.

Barratt Green House
The first house on the Innovation Park to be built by a mainstream house builder, the Green House achieves Level 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes

ecoTech Organics House
Demonstrates a flexible system of sustainable homes that can be both mass produced and designed to suit individual circumstances.

Hanson EcoHouse
Constructed using traditional building materials, precisely assembled to conform to the best principles of innovative methods of construction.

Kingspan Lighthouse
This super insulated, airtight house, designed to encourage a more sustainable lifestyle, has achieved Level 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Natural House
Demonstrates a simple, low-tech and easy to build alternative for volume housebuilders seeking to meet increasingly stringent low carbon targets for new homes.

Osborne House
Shows that high quality, sustainable housing can be delivered affordably and in volume.

Renewable House
Illustrates how renewable building materials, such as hemp, wood and wool, provide excellent options for constructing low carbon, practical and affordable modern housing.

Stewart Milne Sigma Home
Has been test-occupied by a family to obtain a ‘real’ perspective on living in a home constructed for sustainability using the latest technologies.

Willmott Dixon Healthcare Campus
Points to a new age of healthcare that helps people to manage their conditions more independently by using both health clinics and their home.

Demonstrates the role of landscape design, not only in creating great places to live, but also in providing energy, waste and water management.

Energy monitoring
Gas and electricity consumption is being monitored with smart meters in six of the Innovation Park houses.

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