The Old Apple Store

Located in Somerset, The Old Apple Store, built by Ecos Homes in contract with Pippin Properties Ltd, is a number of residential properties built to meet Level 5 (Code for Sustainable Homes). The project contains 5 units containing 2 four-bedroom houses and 3 three-bedroom units.

Passive Measures:
  • Passive solar design strategies.
  • Rainwater harvesting.
  • More environmentally friendly materials used.
Renewable Technologies Employed:
  • Recycled newspaper was used as insulation between the timber studs and woodfibre boards made the external insulation. Sheep's wool insulation was used for the inter-floor insulation. The high levels of insulation along with low-air permeability leads to more heat efficiency.
  • The site was constructed using thermal efficient timber.
  • The beams of the construction were filled with recycled newspaper insulation and an internal vapour control layer.
  • Foam insulation was also used under the ground floor.
  • PV cell array.
  • Solar thermal water heating.
  • Low energy lighting.
  • Wood pellet boilers.
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