Berkley Homes have developed the housing development of Ropetackle in Shoreham-on-Sea, West Sussex. South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) led the Shoreham Maritime regeneration project, of which Ropetackle is a part. The aim of the project was to develop a mixed community, with a variety of types of home. The developers also wished to attain an ‘Excellent’ BREEAM rating for the environmental performance of the site.

Challenges Encountered
One concern of local communities is that there will be a population increase, but little increase in employment opportunities within the locality. As sustainable development encompasses both economic and social factors as well as environmental ones this could be pointed out as a downfall of the project. However, Shoreham is within short distance of Brighton and employment might be found there instead.

Passive Measures
Houses in the development have been built to a high-energy performance, with some achieving Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) ratings of 110. To achieve this level of performance, designers considered aspect, sunlight and daylight in order to maximise the potential for passive solar gain.

The developers wished to make sure that the development was in keeping with its surroundings, so 60-70% of all materials used on the site came from within a 25 mile radius. Cedar cladding and render flint work on the facades and gateway building are also designed to maintain the setting of the homes.

An on-site waste management scheme has been set up and to date 50% of all waste produced has been recycled. Waste is segregated at source and sent for recycling where appropriate.

Technologies Employed
Solar panels will be fitted on the majority of homes within the development. All appliances fitted in the homes are energy efficient.

Awards and Achievements
Ropetackle is designed to fit in with its local surroundings, provide good quality mixed housing and be energy efficient. Berkeley Homes (the developer) has a policy of designing and delivering sustainable homes through projects such as Ropetackle. It is an example of where ‘outstanding new homes’ can co-exist with the natural environment.

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