Hitting the Cold Spots: Stephanie’s Story

tEC image_client storage heaterStephanie contacted us after hearing about the Central Heating Fund project following her attendance at an event organised by her local Council.  She is an owner occupier who lives in a house with an open fire, one electric storage heater and an electric instantaneous water heater, which she found cold particularly in the winter. Stephanie is on a low income and she struggled to keep her home warm and was unable to afford the cost of installing a fixed heating system in her home.  The Hitting the Cold Spots Advisor supplied two electric oil filled radiators to help heat the home, and was also able to secure a small grant to assist with the running cost of these.

The Advisor visited Stephanie to complete a Central Heating Fund application.  However, it was established that her property was too far from the nearest gas main to be able to connect her home to the mains gas supply.  A site survey was subsequently arranged to investigate the feasibility of using LPG as an alternative fuel source for a central heating system.  Due to there being a limited amount of outside storage space, the survey identified that it was also not feasible to continue with this option.

The Advisor therefore assisted Stephanie in arranging quotes from local Buy with Confidence electricians for the cost of installing new electric storage heaters in her property.  Stephanie’s application for Hitting the Cold Spots funding was approved, which meant that new storage heaters could be installed in her home.

Stephanie was very happy with the improvement in both the warmth and comfort in her home and said,

“The difference is amazing and the warmth and dryness in my home is wonderful! I feel better in myself, especially in the morning and 100% fitter. It makes so much difference to my well-being. Thank you so much Hitting the Cold Spots, for being so hands on and concerned for me and the fact that it was so cold here.

With no proper heating due to my financial circumstances, I had been feeling quite concerned about the winter weather coming yet again. It made me depressed – the constant feeling of cold and worry about switching on my portable electric heaters due to the cost. The fact that someone cared about whether I was cold or not was wonderful.”

If you or someone you know is struggling to stay warm and well this winter, please call the Environment Centre (tEC) on Freephone 0800 804 8601 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) or email staywarm@environmentcentre.com to speak to an advisor.