Hitting the Cold Spots: Rachel’s story

Rachel is an owner occupier who lives in a park home with a mains gas boiler for heating.  Her local Council advised her to contact us when, during her annual service visit by her local gas engineer, she was advised that her boiler had a leak and required replacement.  Rachel was on a low income and was very concerned as she was unable to afford the cost of the work herself.

A Hitting the Cold Spots Advisor visited Rachel to explore her situation further and to talk about possible options to help with funding a replacement boiler.  After an initial visit and assessment, the Advisor completed an application form to apply for funding assistance from an energy supplier scheme which specifically provides assistance to home-owners with particular health problems.  Whilst this application was progressing, Rachel’s boiler stopped working completely.  At that time, the Advisor offered to supply Rachel with an electric oil filled radiator to provide a temporary form of heating.  However, Rachel decided not to have this as a neighbour was able to loan her a portable heater.  The application to help with her replacement boiler costs was successful and this was subsequently fully funded and installed.

The Advisor also assisted Rachel in undertaking a fuel price comparison to help identify whether any further savings could be made on her fuel costs.  At the time, Rachel was on a variable tariff with her fuel supplier and the prices were about to increase again shortly.  Rachel felt very satisfied with the service that she had received from her supplier and was keen to remain with them.  The Advisor provided assistance to Rachel to help her to switch to an alternative tariff with the same supplier, enabling her to fix her fuel prices for the next 18 months.  Rachel now feels much more reassured by the fact that her fuel prices over this period will remain unchanged and that she would be protected from future price increases that may occur in this time.

Rachel was very pleased with the improvement in both the warmth and comfort in her home and said,

“Everything was excellent.  My Advisor was always very sensitive to my worries about heating and getting a new boiler.  They also helped with other worries, concerning my gas and electricity charges.  All of the team were very helpful.”

If you or someone you know is struggling to stay warm and well, please call the Environment Centre (tEC) on Freephone 0800 804 8601 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) or email staywarm@environmentcentre.com to speak to an advisor.