Hitting the Cold Spots: Lindsey’s story

Lindsey contacted us after receiving our letter about the Central Heating Fund. She wanted to find out what could be done to transform her cold house into a warm and cosy home. Lindsey suffers from health conditions, and is on a low income. We arranged to visit her at home to complete an assessment, which confirmed she was eligible for help from the fund.

Her cottage is in a beautiful rural location, but too far from the mains gas network to be connected. After talking through different options with us, Lindsey decided she would like an LPG fuelled central heating system to replace the aging storage heaters and temperamental hot water system.

“We never thought we could have central heating because we couldn’t get mains gas. We hadn’t thought of LPG before. Finding out about this made us realise that central heating could be possible.”

We helped Lindsey to find quotes for the installation of a central heating system from local ‘Buy With Confidence’ contractors, and once she had decided on a contractor she liked, we were able to confirm the level of the grant. Lindsey only had to pay a small contribution to the cost of the work herself.

Next, we helped Lindsey to make arrangements for a bulk LPG tank to be installed, and liaised with the local planning authority to get the necessary permission for this.

The date for the installation came around and everything went smoothly and according to plan. The contractors were on site for just 3 days, installing a high quality combi-boiler, radiators, and programmable room thermostat, and connecting the whole system up to the new LPG tank.

“The contractors were very thoughtful and sensitive, and they gave us lots of advice about the system and where the radiators could go.”

The installation was completed at the end of the summer before the weather turned cold, and Lindsey was delighted:

“It feels like Christmas! I’ve never been given a grant before. It feels strange to be given something like this, but it is great!


We could never afford new heating before so we were putting up with really old heaters, having to go from room to room to turn the controls and guessing what the weather would be like the next day so we knew what to set them at. I always worried about the cost and about setting them too high. We always had cold pockets around the house.


The hot water system only ever provided enough for one bath per day, and wasn’t even connected to the kitchen. I boiled loads of kettles for washing up…I’m sure I will save money now. The new, instant hot water is very convenient. The new radiators look much nicer, and there are no cold spots around the house.


This winter will show how much it will affect my health. In the cold my aches and pains from fibromyalgia are much worse, so having a warm home will really help. The winter will be a revelation for us!”

If you or someone you know could benefit from our help, please call the Environment Centre (tEC) on Freephone 0800 804 8601 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) or email staywarm@environmentcentre.com to speak to an advisor.

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