Hitting the Cold Spots: David’s story

tEC image_CHF client radiatorDavid was referred to the Central Heating Fund by his local council who had been supporting him with making some much needed improvements to his home. Amongst the problems in the home was the heating – or lack of heating. With only two old gas heaters on the ground floor, and no heating at all upstairs, David’s home was very cold.

David is registered disabled and suffers from conditions that cause him chronic pain. The prospect of another cold winter in his home was understandably daunting. However, with his only income being his disability benefits, and with extra commitments to meet, it would not have been possible for David to save up for a new heating system himself.

Our Advisor visited David to complete an assessment, and this showed he was eligible for a grant towards the cost of a gas central heating system.  A quote was arranged from a local heating firm, the grant value was calculated, and David agreed to pay a contribution to make up the full cost of the work.

David’s house now has a fully functioning gas central heating system, and he can have comfortable all-round warmth at the press of a button. Not only is he more comfortable in his home, but he has already noticed that he is putting less money into his gas meter each week.

He now plans to shop around for a better gas and electricity tariff, and is also making enquiries about having Smart Meters installed so that he can take even more control over his fuel spend.

David said,

 “I’m a high functioning autistic person and I am disabled and have to use sticks and a wheelchair. I didn’t know I could get help. I’ve struggled for years with two gas fires, every winter I was just living downstairs. My council introduced me to tEC and it all went from there.


You’ve changed my life! From having nothing now the whole house is warm. It’s helping my arthritis and pain. Everyone has been so nice, I’ve felt I’ve been asked and not told. I was given good advice, feel informed and am genuinely so grateful for the help. It’s nice not to sit here shivering.


The heating engineers were fantastic. They were really friendly, gave me plenty of lead time and explained everything. They told me what they would do each day, when they would make noise, kept me informed, gave me choices and cleaned up after themselves. As someone with autism this is really important to me to keep my stress levels down and I wasn’t stressed at all.


What I thought was going to be a super stressful experience was actually very pleasant!”

If you know someone who could benefit from Hitting the Cold Spots help, please call the Environment Centre (tEC) on Freephone 0800 804 8601 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) or email staywarm@environmentcentre.com.