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Smart Meters De-mystified

Most people in the UK have heard of smart meters thanks to Gaz & Leccy, Kirstie and Phil’s Smart Energy Tour, offers from their energy suppliers or anecdotes from friends and family who have had one installed. But, while the term is familiar, many may not know exactly what smart meters are, what they do […]

Brace Yourself. Winter Is Coming.

The summer’s scorching heatwave seems to have wiped freezing temperatures from our minds. But the brutally cold Beast from the East from earlier this year could make a return – possibly as early as this month! Though nothing is certain, it’s best to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. So here are […]

Are you eligible for the Warm Home Discount 2018-19?

What is the Warm Home Discount? The Warm Home Discount is a scheme providing eligible households with a £140 electricity bill discount for winter 2018-19. This discount is available to credit and pre-payment customers, providing your supplier is part of the scheme and you meet their eligibility criteria. The scheme is open to applications now and it is […]

Keeping Cool This Summer

It’s been unusually hot these past few weeks, which comes as a welcome surprise to some while others can’t wait for it to cool down. The UK is facing a number of challenges as a result of the heatwave, with water shortage warnings from water companies, hosepipe bans and even rail service delays due to […]

Hitting the Cold Spots: Pat’s Story

Pat is an older widow living in her own property in Hampshire. Her combi boiler had failed, leaving her without heating or hot water, and her insurance wouldn’t cover the cost. She needed help and called us. Because of her financial situation and serious health conditions, we were able to help her with the cost […]

Hitting the Cold Spots: June’s Story

June and her young family lived in a concrete solid wall house with no wall insulation and only a small amount of loft insulation. Their house was heated by an old coal fired Rayburn with a back boiler for hot water, and a few portable electric heaters upstairs. June’s husband has diabetes and their youngest […]

Hitting the Cold Spots: Shirley’s Story

Shirley’s friend contacted Hitting the Cold Spots because she had had no heating or hot water for over six months. Shirley is a home owner, in her eighties and has a number of serious health conditions, some of which require her to be able to bathe regularly. The boiler was over 23 years old and […]

Hitting the Cold Spots: Stacey’s Story

Stacey and her husband are home owners, on a low income, who received Child and Working Tax Credits.  Stacey and one of her five children have asthma, their youngest child is disabled and her husband was signed off work following an accident. The family’s gas boiler, which was over 10 years old, had failed because […]

Hitting the Cold Spots: Kate’s Story

Kate contacted us when her central heating boiler was condemned near the beginning of the winter. She had boiler insurance cover but was frustrated to find that it didn’t include boiler replacement. A Hitting the Cold Spots advisor visited Kate to assess her situation. Kate was just getting by and had significant health conditions that […]

Hitting the Cold Spots: Rachel’s story