After making your home as energy efficient as possible, you may want to consider using renewable energy sources to further improve the energy efficiency of your property. Renewable energy plays an important role in reducing CO2 emissions and avoiding depletion of finite resources. Renewable energy comes from inexhaustible resources such as wind, flowing water, sun and the heat of the earth.

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Why use renewables?
There are lots of good reasons to use renewables. You will be:

  • making use of secure, local resources
  • reducing your dependence on non-renewable energy
  • helping to keep the air clean
  • helping to reduce the production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases
  • creating new jobs in renewable energy industries
  • saving and even earning money


Although there is currently no grant funding for the installation of renewable technologies, there are some financial schemes available. See our incentives page for more information.





Image credit: PPM INC, NREL 15249