Living sustainably

What does ‘sustainable living’ mean?
Sustainability is about findings ways that we can lead healthy and fulfilling lives, without leaving the planet in a mess for future generations. This means being careful about how we use natural resources, and conscious about what happens to our waste – including the amount of climate changing gases we produce.

How close to sustainability are we?
Almost everything we do in our daily lives - heating our homes, driving our cars, buying consumer goods – has a ‘carbon footprint’. In other words, all these activities lead to emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases that are causing climate change. In fact, the average person in the UK produces 12.5 tonnes of climate changing gases every year. Experts estimate that the earth can only cope with an average of 2 tonnes of these gases per person per year. This means that if we carry on the way we are, we will face catastrophic changes in the earth’s climate. Can you reduce your carbon footprint by 10.5 tonnes per year?!

What can we do as individuals?
Trying to live more sustainably can seem daunting and even futile at times, but at tEC we believe that everyone can make a difference. That is, as long as the options and opportunities are in place to help us do this.

Follow the links below to find out what you can do – and what help is available – to downsize your carbon footprint.