Smart Meters

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What are smart meters?

Smart Meters are new gas and electricity meters, which give you more control over your energy usage and bills. Smart meters measure how much gas and electricity you are using – this is shown on an in-home display so you can see how much you are using and how much it is costing you – this information is also sent direct to your energy supplier which means your bills will no longer be estimated and you don’t have to take your own meter readings.


How do I get a smart meter?

Smart meters are being rolled out over the next few years, and energy suppliers will be required to offer a smart meter to every household by 2020. If you are interested in getting a smart meter, please contact your energy supplier directly. Installing a smart meter is free of charge, it will generally take up to an hour to install and your gas and electricity supply will be switched off very temporarily during this process.

For more information about the smart meter roll out, have a look at the Smart Energy GB website.