Green Deal

The Green Deal Financing Company has started financing loans again as of May 2017.

Boiler upgrades and insulation are the main measures available to help you to save money and stay warm but there are 45 eligible measures in total. Assistance is even available to help households to invest in renewable energy technologies.
The Green Deal (June 2014)
For households receiving certain means tested benefits or living within target postcode areas, many measures will be free or heavily subsidised. For households living in hard-to-insulate homes, grants are available to reduce the cost of more expensive measures so that even old or inaccessible homes can be insulated. 
These grants are provided by the big energy companies through the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO).
If you would like to make use of the Green Deal and ECO, the first step is to have an assessment. The steps involved in the process are:
  1. Assessment
  2. Finance
  3. Installation
  4. Repayments (if applicable) and Savings

The assessment involves a visit from a trained assessor to carry out an energy performance and occupancy survey on your property. This involves the creation of an energy performance certificate (EPC) which will list all of the improvements you could carry out to improve the energy efficiency of your home and an occupancy assessment to discuss your current energy requirements to see how much money you could save after installing suggested measures.

Once you have had an assessment you can discuss the possible finance options available to you with a Green Deal Provider organisation. They will inform you of any ECO grants you may be able to access (which could cover the whole cost of some measures) and provide you with a Green Deal finance package. The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) offers an incentive to install certain energy efficiency home improvements (see leaflet on the right). Contact us to find out if there are any local incentives to encourage certain energy efficiency measures. 
Have a look at our ECO pages to find out if you may be eligible for any grants.

Once you have agreed a payment method with your Green Deal Provider (if required) then an accredited Green Deal Installer can carry out the work.

Repayments (if applicable) and Savings 
After installing the necessary measures, you should find that you are using less energy within the home. If you have made use of a Green Deal loan, then your repayments will automatically be taken from the savings you make. After the loan has been repaid (if applicable) then you should start to notice the savings you are making, with lower energy bills.

Local Schemes

There are a number of local schemes which may be useful if you are interested in the Green Deal:
Hitting the Cold Spots
Hitting the Cold Spots can offer further help to vulnerable residents within Hampshire (excluding Southampton and Portsmouth). Additional support is available to help residents to make use of the Green Deal and to access other sources of funding.
Solent Green Deal
The Solent Green Deal is a council-led initiative within parts of Hampshire, offering the Green Deal with impartial members of council staff able to visit your home to carry out the assessment. See the Solent Green Deal page to find out more and see which council areas have signed up.

Information leaflets:
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