Energy Bills

  • Southampton Healthy Homes: Rose’s story

    Rose’s granddaughter was the first one to make contact with us via our Facebook page. She explained that her grandmother Rose’s boiler had broken
  • Hitting the Cold Spots: Sarah’s story

    Sarah’s local council contacted us in the middle of the winter following concerns about the heating situation in her home. Sarah is an owner occupier
  • Southampton Healthy Homes: Isabel’s story

    Isabel contacted us as she was looking for help regarding her heating system. Her combination gas boiler had broken down and would only supply

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How to save money on your energy bills:

  • Reduce your energy usage by adjusting heating/hot water controls, switching off lights when not needed and using appliances minimally,
  • Improve the energy efficiency of your home with draught-proofing, insulation and heating upgrades,
  • Get to know your energy bills, so you understand what you are paying, how your usage changes over the year and make sure bills are based on meter readings and not estimates,
  • Talk to your Energy Provider and see if they can offer you a better tariff or any extra help you might be entitled to,
  • Change the way you pay, as paying by monthly direct debit can save you money, along with online accounts, dual fuel payments, providing regular meter readings, avoiding pre-payment meters and fixed tariffs,
  • Shop around for the best tariff to see if another supplier can offer you a better deal – the Ofgem Go Energy Shopping website is a good place to start,