Draught proofing


Want to do more at home to save energy without spending a fortune?

Are DIY energy efficiency improvements worth the bother?
Yes! According to the the Energy Saving Trust, installing some simple draught proofing could save you around £25 per year on your heating bills. And, by making your home more cosy and comfortable, you are more likely to turn down the temperature of your heating system, saving you even more money.

Photos by R. McDaid

How can I work out what jobs I need to do?
The first thing to do in your home is to carry out a 'draught hunt'. Hunt for cold air getting in around doors, windows, skirting boards, chimneys and loft hatches. Next, have you got any single glazed doors or windows? They may feel especially cold in winter, and could be prone to condensation. Finally, how thick are your curtains? Curtains with an extra layer or lining can really help to keep the heat in.

What kind of things can I do?
There is a huge range of DIY solutions for saving energy in your home, and you don't need to be a DIY expert or even have lots of tools. Some ideas for DIY projects include:
  • Fixing draught proofing tape for door and window frames
  • Fitting a cover over your letter box and a brush to the bottom of your door
  • Installing secondary glazing film or perspex panels
  • Hanging an extra thermal layer on to your curtains
How can I find out more?
For instructions to help with your DIY draught proofing and to help you to find shops stocking the materials, have a look at our DIY guides:
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