Energy Efficiency

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Having an energy efficient home means using the least possible energy to run all the equipment you require. The benefits of an energy efficient home are numerous and worthwhile:
  • you reduce your use of energy on a daily basis
  • you reduce CO2 emissions and improve the quality of the surrounding environment
  • you could cut down your fuel bills by hundreds of pounds a year


Insulating your property can prevent heat loss through your walls, roof and floor


Improving your heating system can save money and help you keep warm

Grants and Loans

There are a few grants and loans available to help pay for improvements

Energy Bills

You may be able to save money by changing to a different tariff and applying for discounts

Smart Meters

New gas and electricity meters that give you more control over your usage and bills


Simple DIY energy saving solutions that will make your home more comfortable
You can find out more about your home's energy efficiency by checking the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) if it has one. Most properties which have been put on the market or rented since 2007/08 will have an EPC. You can find your EPC using the Landmark EPC register website.