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  • Southampton Healthy Homes: Rose’s story

    Rose’s granddaughter was the first one to make contact with us via our Facebook page. She explained that her grandmother Rose’s boiler had broken
  • Hitting the Cold Spots: Sarah’s story

    Sarah’s local council contacted us in the middle of the winter following concerns about the heating situation in her home. Sarah is an owner occupier
  • Southampton Healthy Homes: Isabel’s story

    Isabel contacted us as she was looking for help regarding her heating system. Her combination gas boiler had broken down and would only supply

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Peter Kelly MBE (Chairman) –  Former Environment Agency manager for the Southampton area.

Colin Rowland (Treasurer) –  Head of Streetscene, Parks and Regulatory Services, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council.  linked in logo LinkedIn

Alexia Drakakis – Project Manager & New Business Development Specialist. Former Business Development Manager, Met Office.  linked in logo LinkedIn

Ian Nelson – Director of Sunnyfields & The Sunnyfields Partnership. linked in logo LinkedIn

Dr Alan Whitehead – MP Member of Parliament for Southampton Test. Member of the House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Select Committee and the Environmental Audit Select Committee. Alan's energy blog