The Environment Centre is committed to providing its customers with a quality service and aims to do so courteously and efficiently. For this reason, we welcome comments and feedback, whether positive or negative. Every comment is an opportunity to respond to the express needs of customers – it gives feedback on whether we are providing services the community values and it helps us improve these services.

We take complaints seriously. Sometimes we can put things right; sometimes we can only explain ourselves and apologise. But we do want to learn from our mistakes. What you tell us helps us to look at how we do things and helps us to improve our service.

We aim to sort out complaints quickly and fairly and we will try to sort out any mistake or misunderstanding straight away. Sometimes it may take a little longer, but we will tell you how long it will take.


What we learn from complaints

We keep records of all the complaints we receive and monitor them regularly. This helps us to: identify areas of service where we need to make changes and improvements; and make sure we are dealing with complaints effectively and consistently.

But please note that this procedure is solely for complaints about the service a client has received at the Environment Centre – and not for any other type of complaint.


I am dissatisfied, what do I do?

Misunderstandings can often be sorted out on an informal basis. Don’t be afraid to contact the Chief Executive or his deputy who might be able to iron out the problem straightaway.

But if you feel the problem needs to be looked at and put on an official footing, you can follow our complaints procedure or put all the information in a letter or complete a complaints form and send it to our Chief Executive.


Complaints Procedure

Complaints Form